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The room-temperature superconductor that wasn’t

Ars Technica article

Understanding superconductivity

Feature in the Istanbul Chronicle


Como a Internet ajudou a resolver o mistério do LK-99, o falso supercondutor

Portuguese national newspaper feature on our contribution to the puzzle of purported room-temperature superconductor LK-99

LK-99 isn’t a superconductor — how science sleuths solved the mystery

Nature news article on our contribution to the puzzle of purported room-temperature superconductor LK-99

Illuminating energy

Nature Energy article on our light- and electricity-powered ammonia synthesis process


Plasmonic catalyst smashes record for reducing vital chemical feedstock

Read opinion from interview for Chemistry World article

Light-harvesting nanoparticle catalysts show promise in quest for renewable carbon-based fuels

Read the Illinois News Bureau article here


Breakthrough in creating fuel from sunlight puts us closer to carbon-neutral energy

Feature story on our solar fuel synthesis efforts in Leaps magazine

Forschende zeigen uns wie es richtig geht: Künstliche photosynthese an der University of Illinois

Feature on our artificial photosynthesis efforts in PhoSy magazine of Freie Universität, Berlin

Taking lessons from nature

Science News feature on top 10 scientists of 2020 to watch

Professor Prashant Jain’s path to chemistry at Illinois

Chemistry at Illinois feature story


Cheap Nanoparticles Pave the Way for Carbon-Neutral Fuel

Wired Magazine


New artificial photosynthesis breakthrough uses gold to turn CO2 into liquid fuel

Science Alert article

Scientists create photosynthesis-inspired fuel from CO2 and water

Express UK article

Scientists have copied plants and turned CO2 into fuel

Sustainability Times article

Artificial photosynthesis could clean up polluted air and produce fuel

Article in The Week


Artificial photosynthesis transforms carbon dioxide into liquefiable fuels

Read the Illinois News Bureau article here


Forcing reactions with plasmons

RSC Chemistry World Feature Article


Nine Illinois researchers rank among world’s most influential

Read the UIUC News Bureau article here

Prashant K. Jain selected as a member of the 2020-2021 Defense Science Study Group

Read the UIUC Chemistry news article here

First round of Chemistry Discovery Fund launches innovative projects by Burke, Jain, and Mitchell

Read the UIUC Chemistry news article here

Carbon-recycling system

Read the Science Daily article here


2 electrons are better than 1

Highlight on NSF Science360 News

Team achieves two-electron chemical reactions using light energy, gold

Read the Illinois News Bureau article here

Prashant interviewed about lithium ion batteries and solid electrolytes by Brains On American Public Radio podcast.

Superionic nanoclusters highlighted in cover story in India's Outlook Magazine

Read the article here: Storing the Change

Prashant Jain shines a light on achieving goals

Article on ACS Show Daily

Kavli Lectures: Artificial photosynthesis, materials with unprecedented properties

Highlight on Kavli lectures at Fall 2017 ACS National Meeting

Chemistry world article interviewed Prashant on recent plasmonic catalysis advances

Read article: Plasmonic catalyst makes light work of carbon monoxide

Prashant interviewed about nanocrystals in future optical computing

Link to La Recherche, France's monthly science magazine

Charging ahead: the future of batteries

Read the Smithsonian Magazine story here

Nanoclusters and the future of lithium batteries

Read the AzoNano story here

Layered Graphene, Imaging Nematodes, Preventing Battery Explosions

Read the CEMag highlight here

Nanoclusters help improve lithium-ion batteries

Read the R&D Mag Story here

Tiny nanoclusters could solve big problems for lithium-ion batteries

Read the UIUC News Bureau press release here

Illinois faculty among most highly cited worldwide

Engineering Communications Office Article here

2016 List of Most Cited Researchers by Academic World Ranking of Universities

Palladium Clusters from Etching

ChemViews article here

Catching invisible light

SPIE Newsroom article here

Nanocrystal atoms cooperate like biomolecules, making better photonic devices possible

Read the Laser Focus World article here

Three faculty members awarded 2014 Sloan Fellowships

Read the UIUC News Bureau article here

Atoms cooperate like biomolecules

Read the UIUC News Bureau article here

Gas clean-up technology triumphs at global IChemE Awards

Sulfur cleanup chemistry highly commended as Energy Award runner up

DuPont Celebrates Scientific Innovation by Recognizing Young Professors

DuPont news article

Among select american innovators interviewed for national academy of engineering's "educate to innovate program". contribution will become part of workshop at nae in oct 2013


Interviewed on quantum dots and nanoscience by Discovery Channel's Brave New World series

Improved sulfur removal from petroleum-based fuels

Tribology and Lubrication technology article by Neil Canter

Metal oxide nanofibers scrub sulfur from petroleum fuel

Read the UK Engineer article here

A Lower Cost Method to Capture Sulfur From Fuels

Read the New Energy and Fuel article here

Nanotech fibers remove sulfur from petroleum fuel

Read the Science Business article here

Nanofibers clean sulfur from fuel

Read the UIUC News Bureau article here

Big Little Matter: Two Indian scientists on controlling particles and creating possibilities

Read the Indian Express Eye magazine article here OR here

Two Illinois chemists named top young innovators

Read the UIUC News Bureau article here

Five of south asian origin named top 35 innovators under 35

Tuning nanocrystals to make tinier, more efficient switches for optical computing and solar panels

Read the Technology Review magazine article here

Iacat fellowships support diverse collaborative projects

Read the announcement of NCSA Faculty Fellowship here

Rewriting selection rules

Read the Nature Nanotechnology Commentary here

Bright lights of purity: Berkeley Lab researcher discover why pure quantum dots and nanorods shine brighter

Read the LBNL press release here

Take nanocrystals, add boiling water, and get a 400-fold increase in luminescence

Read IEEE Spectrum feature here

Breaking Kasha's rule: Berkeley Lab scientists find unique luminescence in tetrapod nanocrystals

Read the LBNL press release here

Scientists make advancements in the field of quantum dots

Daily Cal article

Berkeley Lab researchers find plasmonic resonances in semiconductor nanocrystals

Read the LBNL press release here

Quantum dots enable plasmonic semis

Read the EE Times feature here

Feature on Miller Fellow Prashant Jain

Read the Miller Newsletter here

Frontier article and cover of Chemical Physics Letters (2010 Mar issue) on Plasmonic Coupling

Read the article here

#1 most cited papers of all time in Nano Today

Au nanoparticles target cancer

#1 most cited papers of all time in Nanomedicine

Read the article here

#1 most cited papers of all time in Plasmonics

Read the article here

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